The Lancaster-Lebanon Association of Educational Office Professionals advances the educational interests of the office personnel, cultivates a spirit of good will, and through organization, pools ideas and ideals towards a more efficient and professionally-minded office staff.

Regular meetings are held in October, December, February, and April.

Educational office professionals who work in the Lancaster/Lebanon area and are interested in joining our association should contact their Key Person or the Membership Chairperson.

LLAEOP is an affiliate of the Pennsylvania Association of Educational Office Professionals (PAEOP) and is represented on the state council. Founded in 1937, PAEOP became a department of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) in 1973, and the PAEOP president is a voting member of the PSBA Executive Board.

LLAEOP and PAEOP are affiliates of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) and are represented on the national council. LLAEOP and PAEOP support NAEOP programs and projects, subscribe to its code of ethics, and participate in its outstanding programs for educational office personnel, including the Professional Standards Program.